GM Tachometer Repair (camaro style)

GM Tachometer Repair (truck style)

Powdercoat your own wheels!

Polycarbonate Spinwelder I built

CNC glue machine I built

My Modified Lawn Mowers (videos)

My newest modified racing lawn mower

Home Made LED Scopes (analog and digital)

Make An LED Timing Light

Is Your Pool Maintenance guy Killing You?

NEW!!! plasma speaker!!!

Our CNC Mill at school (videos)

1979 Camaro Starter Motor Rebuild

Alex's turbocharged Scion TC

Dayton Titanic Subwoofer Construction

Model Rocket Onboard Camera (videos)

Alex's PA Speakers that we put on his car

Thoughts About Time Travel, A Collection Of Theories.

NEW!!! Dr. Paradox explains space/time manipulation

Altec Lansing 1715 Repair And Tune-Up

NEW!!! Failplane, our 11th grade engineering project

Build Your Own Custom Guitar Amp

Build an L network antenna impedance matcher

2 Meter Repeater

Gibson Les Paul Replica Construction

Dual Channel Analog Guitar Reverb

Analog Hifi Stereo Reverb Cabinet

Guitar Analog Tape Delay

True Analog Tube Distortion

Great Sounding Hifi Stereo Speakers For Under $50

Repair a yaesu fl-2100b linear

Wind Generator Design And Construction