What are People Thinking? 05/13/2008

Angry old man and broken english cashier equals free money at Wal-Mart

So, I go to Wal-Mart and pick up (2) five quart jugs of Mobile 1 oil, (2) Oil filters, and (2) boxes of Special K bars. I am walking up to a register where the cashier has about ten items of the current shopper to finish ringing up. Just as I walk up between the shelves of candy, a grumpy old man squeezes in front of me. That's nice, I think to myself. He sets his five or six items down at the end of the belt closest to me, and places the checkout divider just in front of his items. So, I am standing there with my six items in my arms. I know, it's my fault that I didn't grab a cart on the way in.

Anyway, the cashier finishes with the ladies items, and the belt moves the grumpy old mans items up to the cashier. So, I'll show him. I dropped all of my items on the belt making a loud noise. He doesn't even look.

The cashier starts ringing up his items. She holds up a bottle of jam, and is pinching her fingers open and closed on the bottle. She says, "Sir", he says, "What", and she keeps pinching her fingers on a sticky residue on the outside of the jar. Neither one of them says anything, they just look at one another. She finally throws the jar of jam in his bag. He starts screaming that he doesn't want the jam. He says, "get it out of my bag". So, she removes it from the bag. She then removes the item from his receipt, not once, but it looks like she removed it TWICE! I see this, he sees this. He says nothing. I am not sure if I saw what I saw or not? He pays for his items, gets his receipt, looks at it, smiles, and walks out the door. Wal-Mart just paid him $2.98 to not buy a jar of jam that another jar had leaked on.

Q - So, what makes this grumpy old man smile?

A - Thinking he ripped off Wal-Mart. Priceless.

Final Thought - I'm sure he thinks they owe it to him. It's become the American way.

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