American Way 01/24/2008

Sausage left in the copy paper isle!

Only in America would a customer place a refrigerated sausage in their shopping cart, then when they are in the copy paper isle, decide they don't want the sausage and place it on a box of three ring binders, rather than returning it to the cooler.

So, I am in Sam's club with my wife on Sunday when I see the sausage in the picture below setting on a box of three ring binders. Anyone that knows Sam/s club, knows that the three ring binders are at the front of the store, and the refrigerated items are at the back of the store. So what did this customer think? Did they think they were saving time and money? If they did, it was short sighted. They along with everyone else will be paying for it. Stores add on to the cost of items sold for exactly this reason. The sausage will go bad and will have to be thrown away. Hopefully Sam's was lucky enough to have an employee find the sausage before it turned ripe, and return it to the cooler.

Sausage in the copy isle

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