American Way 01/24/2008

1 & 2/3's CD Rates 0.10 for Seven Years! Taking advantage of the situation

The homeowners association of my neighborhood had a "Reserve" account at 1 & 2/3's bank. I went today, along with the treasurer to the bank. I asked how much interest we were earning on this money that had been in there for seven years. $3100.58 or 0.10%. I asked what their CD's were paying. They told us 1.74%. I asked them to close the account and give us a check. I took the check to Landmark Bank of Florida, and opened a CD. Landmark Bank of Florida gave us 4.35%.

I would say that we were taken advantage of by 1 & 2/3's bank. We lost a pretty good some of money over the last seven years.

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