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How To 09/20/2010

Elite DC1000 Battery Backup Repair

Our neighborhood has a pair of Elite CSW-200 gate openers. Ever since installed, the DC1000 battery backup units that open the gates if the power fails, fail at least once or twice per year.
Since they cost $399 each to replace, and the fact that they no longer make them, I have started to repair them. The repair is simple, low cost, and easy to do.

What goes wrong
First, the battery will be toasted. The charging circuit boils the battery dry. You will need to replace it. The battery should cost $19 - $24.
Second, on older units, the relays need to be replaced. The COM terminal sticks to the N.O terminal on one of the relays. Since the COM terminals of two relays are tied together, to allow reversing of the motor, and one relays N.O terminal is connected to battery positive, and the other relays N.O. terminal is connected to battery negative, the relay contacts are destroyed. Not a very good design.


Do yourself a favor, and tie a knot in the wire that goes to the Red lead of the DC motor before you remove the DC1000 from the gate opener. Both wires are Red, and if connected to the motor backwards, the motor will run backwards against the stops, and never shut off.

DC1000 unit before opening. Remove the four screws that hold the cover on.
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Disconnect the Red & Black wires going to the battery. The wire terminals are soldered to the battery terminals at the factory. You might need to use a soldering iron to get them loose.

Remove the two screws and plate, that hold the battery in place. Remove the battery and discard/recycle it. They should recycle it for free wherever you purchase the replacement battery.

Remove the two screws that hold the two pcb's(printed circuit boards) to the enclosure. There are two holes in the front of the enclosure to allow you to insert a screwdriver to reach the screws.
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With the pcb's out, remove the nut from the circuit breaker to allow the pcb's to separate, but still be attached by the wires.

The relays K1, K2 & K5, are the main relays that fail. Replace all three of them. They are less than $3 each, and it will save you from taking the unit open again.

On very rare occasions, relay K4 gets damaged. Seems like it gets damaged more on older revisions of the pcb.

Replacement Part Numbers
K1, K2, K5- Original part # CB1-P-12V. Replacement Part # Mouser Electronics 769-CB1-P-12V
K4- Original part # G8P-1C4P-FD. Replacement Part # Mouser Electronics 653-G8P-1C4P-DC12 or G8P-1C4TP-DC12
Battery- 12V 7 Ah gel cell or sealed lead acid battery. Very common battery used in everything from scooters to alarm systems
UPDATE 9-15-13 - Replace the G5V02 24VDC 16 pin DIP relay as well !!! The contacts are only rated 1 Amp and when the battery shorts, the charging circuit damages the contacts.

Relays can be located at

Final Thought - This DC1000 battery backup unit is a very poor design. It fails over and over. You will repair it more than once. UPDATE 9-15-13 - If you replace the batteries once per year, the units seems to last pretty well. has the best price on all auto parts, and their service is great. I have been dealing with them for years and I've never had an issue. Give them a try. You won't be disappointed.
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